School Programs

School education is not enough to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Innovators of tomorrow need 21st Century Learning through interactions and hand-on experiences to develop their critical skills and enhance their valuable traits.

Foster teamwork and social skills in your child

Group building activities provide opportunities for children to work together and develop social skills, such as cooperation, communication, and collaboration along with critical skills like problem solving and computational thinking.

STEAM: After school activities help children learn about science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics through hands-on building and experimentation.


Empowering kids through positive reinforcement and goal accomplishment.

Your child will see the results of all their hard work moving right in front of them rather than having to finish a line of code that creates a simple but useful function, as with coding in Excel. It feels more gratifying, entertaining, and tangible.

Our after school programs are carefully designed to build self confidence and boost social morale that enhances their academic performance and encourages healthy hobbies.

  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Safe and supportive environment.
  • Positive mental relaxation for kids.


Learning through building and achieving.

Our workshops help students conceptualize what they are learning by guiding them through hands-on lessons related to their current curriculum objectives.

Children in our workshops are curious to build their favorite creations and see them turn functional. The confidence gained through building and achieving not only leads to a desire to create more complex creations, but also improves their confidence in other areas of their lives.

Our workshops lead students through hands-on courses that are relevant to their current curriculum objectives, allowing them to contextualize what they’re learning.
The Bricks 4 Kidz model provides a tactile focus point for education, while expert-designed teaching materials guide kids through essential concepts.

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